Tarot Card Readings - Ten dollars

Relationships and life can be difficult to navigate and understand. I can assist by providing clarity and insight into situations, people, and paths that make their way into your life. If you have a particular question or are unclear about life, you'll find a reading with me compassionate, informative, and fulfilling. Book your mini reading today! Readings will be done using the Rider Waite Tarot Cards or by using your photo. ($10.00)


Please stop bending over backwards for people who simply don't care about you. No matter how hard you try, to no avail. They are never satisfied. Constantly complaining, making one's life miserable. The more you do for them,the more they want. You may love them. Just love yourself first. LOVE yourself more!
As a spiritual consultant, I answer your questions and open the doors to your future. I provide clarity and insight into situations that make their way into a persons life. I am passionate about my work and take it seriously. I want all of my clients to achieve happiness and have success in all aspects of their lives. I do tarot card reading and also prepare my own products such as candles, incense, oils, liquid baths, bath salts and herbal baths for spiritual cleansings. Interested parties can contact me via email: for additional information.
Many of us are dealing with situations that are downright difficult. There seems no way out. Our hearts - heavy. We cry. We pray. We ask for help and none is given. We begin to question our self worth, our capabilities and ask ourselves what are we supposed to do?! DON'T GIVE UP! When faced with a difficult situation, TRY not to give up. This task is not easy for it's far easier to simply give up. I know that we all get tired of our situations and we are waiting for things to improve. Again, don't give up. Focus. Evaluate your current situation, make little changes. Try to focus a bit more on the positive aspect instead of the negative. Picture what you want to have and achieve and instead of what you don't have. If you are dealing with a pain in the ass boss, co-worker, loved one etc. Flip the script. Pass out compliments. Give them a hello, a good morning, you look nice. Sometimes little things - little changes are all that is needed. Push through it. Don'…

Heartache II

I wish that peoples heartache and pain could go away quickly.  Unfortunate it does not.  For some the heartache and pain never seems to go away, especially if it concerns the death of a loved one.  However, when it pertains to relationships, although hard, I believe that we owe it to ourselves to be happy.  One needs to be involved in a loving relationship.  Is that easy to obtain?  Of course not.  If that was the case, we would all be happy and in love.  That being said, we cannot continuously mourn the death of a relationship.  We need to heal.  One day at a time.  We must move on.  How do we know what happiness awaits us if we keep ourselves stuck.  We owe it to ourselves to be happy.  We need to love ourselves. Heal.  Meditate.  Light prayer.  Allow the happiness, that love that we so want and desire, (but with someone who will love and appreciate us) to manifest.  We need to love ourselves first.We should be our first love.  Over time, we all will heal.  Some more quickly than o…

Saint Rita

[Saint Rita is considered to be the saint of difficult or impossible situations] Saint Rita was born to her parents late in their lives that her own birth seemed to be the first miracle of her life.  They brought her up in a spirit of holy gratitude and, by the time she was twelve her love for Jesus was so great that she wanted to become a nun.  Her parents were aging and were worried about their daughter being left alone in the world, so they arranged a marriage for her.  She became the wife of a violent and abusive man.  It was her love for her husband and her prayers that brought him to love God.  This was considered an impossible case.  Later when her husband died, her two sons wanted to avenge their fathers death.  She prayed to God and her prayers were answered.  This was considered another impossible case. Saint Rita is the patroness of impossible causes and circumstances that are deemed hopeless because of her difficult life. Through her variou…