Friday, July 24, 2015

Cleansing with Salt

Hello, Everyone!  Welcome to my very first blog..ever!

Today, I will be blogging about spiritual cleansings.  Ok?  If you are feeling like things are a little off and you are faced with negative energies and you are not sure what to do.  Here is a simple bath for you.  Are you ready?  Go to your kitchen cabinet and grab some salt.  That's it.  Really!  At least, it's a start.  Run yourself some warm water and put about a cup of salt into the tub.  Bathe yourself and pray that all negative energies be removed from your body. If you're into psalms, read the 23rd psalm as well.


  1. I tried this and instantly my spirit was lifted. It really works. The psalms are a good pray for it as well.
    Thanks for sharing you are amazing!

  2. This truly works. I've done this many times and come out my bathe feel calm and relaxed.