Saturday, July 25, 2015


At least once a month we need to spiritual cleanse our bodies.  I know this may seem intimidating but in actuality it is not. We need to cleanse and remove the negative energies from our bodies so that we can attract positive energies.

There are times in our lives when nothing seems to go right for us.  Everything that can go wrong seems to do just that, go wrong! You want to scream. Things become chaotic.  No matter how hard we try or attempt at meditation or prayer, nothing seems to resolve the situation.

When this occurs, we simply need to take a pause.  Try to relax and run a beautiful bath. We need to remove or uncross the negative condition which is causing the problems.  A simple recipe for an uncrossing bath consist of regular cooking salt and a good old lemon.  Take the lemon cut into three slices.  Use approximately one cup of salt.  Put both of these into your bath water and pray.

A good psalm to read is psalm 37.  If you can get hold of an uncrossing candle, you can light it and pray.  Have faith.  Give it about three days to a week and you will  notice that your situation has improved.


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